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Spring Semester, 2022 

We may continue offering Zoom and outdoor park classes when possible.

Instructors are Fully Vaccinated and tested regularly

Masks/Social Distancing required for all classes . Contact us for details. 

If you currently prefer to stay at home, we may also simulcast on Zoom.

Schedule permitting, we offer Private Instruction at your home. Contact us to start a class!




-PopStars- Ages 8-11

  3:30 pm

-Ballet- Ages 8-11

  4:30 pm





-PopStars- Ages 6.5-9.5

  3:15 pm

-Acro Dance- Ages 7-12

  4:00 pm


-Twinkle Ballet/Tap- Ages 4.5-6.5

  3:45 pm 

-Ballet/Pre-Pointe- Age 13+

  4:30 pm 

-Teen/Adult Tap- Ages 13+

  6:30 pm 







-Twinkle Ballet/Tap- Ages 3-5.5

  9:30 am

-Ballet- Ages 13+

  10:00 am

-Twinkle Ballet/Tap- Ages 5.5-7

  10:15 am

-Hip Hop- Ages 4.5-6.5

 11:00 am

-Jazz Dance- Ages 13+

  11:00 am

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